User Documentation: Trump Presidential Documents 

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  1. Main menu:

  2. Menu selections off of the drop-down menu:

  3. Tap the "Executive Orders" selection and you will see a list of Trump's executive orders, in date sequence. For example:

  4. Tap the title of any article in the "Executive Orders" listing and the detail of that article will be displayed. For example:

  5. Menu selections off of the drop-down menu of any of the document category details screen. Tap "Export Article to PDF.

  6. You will then see the PDF article. The format of the article will depend upon which PDF reader is installed on your device.  If it does not display, you will need to install a PDF reader on your device.  Many are available on Google Play.

  7. Menu selections off of the drop-down menu of any of the document category details screen. Tap "Export Article to Epub.

  8. Your Epub will be created. Click "OK".

  9. If you have an Epub reader installed on your device, the Epub will be opened by that Epub reader. If you have several Epub readers installed on your device, you will be provided a choice of which Epub reader to use to open the Epub. If no Epub reader is installed on your device, the following message will appear.  This dialog box provides the opportunity to install IDEAL Group Reader (one of many free Epub readers available from the Google Play Store) on your device. Tap "OK."

  10. You will be taken to Google Play Store to download and install IDEAL Group Reader.

  11. You can then go back to Trump Presidential Documents app and, once again, tap "Export Article to Epub.

  12. You will be asked which version of IDEAL Group Reader to use. Choose IDEAL Group Reader Beta.

  13. Your Epub document will be loaded, automatically, into IDEAL Group Reader. You will see the following message while this is taking place.

  14. This is what the Epub looks like when loaded into IDEAL Group Reader:

  15. Double-Tap the first paragraph of the article. If Text-to-Speech is activated on your device you will see the following dialog box. Tap "Play" to see if you hear the audio. If you do not, please activate text-to-speech on your device. If you do, tap "Confirm."

  16. IDEAL Group Reader will start reading the document, paragraph by paragraph. At the same time it will highlight the text being read

  17. The Epub reader will continue reading the Epub document until you double tap the screen again.

  18. Continues to read first sentence.

  19. Continues to read second sentence. Etc.

  20. Tap your devices "Back Button." You will see the main menu for IDEAL group Reader.  It is from this point you can explore all of the settings.


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