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  1. Top 10 Competitive Advantages

  2. Mission

  3. Target Markets

  4. Services Offered

  5. Cost-Effectiveness of Apps4Android's Development Services

  6. Software Development and Testing Environment;

  1. Apps4Android's knowledge, development experience, and testing processes enable them to support 1.4 million users, in 48 countries, running any combination of 82 Android applications and utilities (19 Apps4Android Applications and 63 Onymous Heroes Applications) on:

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  1. Apps4Android Architecture Diagram

  2. Bio of Steve Jacobs, President, IDEAL Group, Inc. and CEO, Apps4Android, Inc.

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  1. Apps4Android's Zigbee Accessibility Project

  2. Apps4Android's DLNA Accessibility Project

  3. Apps4Android's NFC Accessibility Project

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