IDEAL WebMath Algebra Overview and Screenshots



  • To make it easier for millions of students with print disabilities to access and use the WebMath website due to its complexity;

  • To provide students who do not have PCs at home another port-of-entry to this great Discovery Education resource;

  • To provide an easy to access, simplified, interface to Webmath; and,

  • To provide students with a "mobile math resource" that serves as a tutor in that it shows students how to solve ANY math problem, STEP-BY-STEP... with detailed explanations.

Overview of IDEAL WebMath K-8 Algebra Functions:

  • Simplifying Expressions:

    • Involving Exponents/Powers

    • Involving Products of Terms

    • Involving Like Terms

    • Simplify any Expression

  • Polynomials:

    • Add/Subtract

    • Divide

    • Multiply

    • Raise to a Power

    • Complete the Square

  • Factoring Polynomials:

    • Greatest Common Factor

    • Difference between Two Squares

    • Trinomials

  • Solving Linear Equations

    • Involving One Variable

    • Involving Two Variables

    • Find Numerical Solution

  • Solving Quadratic Equations

    • By Factoring

    • Using the Quadratic Formula

  • Radical Expressions

    • Simplify Square Root term

    • Simplify Any Root Term

  • Complex Numbers

    • Calculate Power of i

    • Add Two Numbers

    • Subtract Two Numbers

    • Multiply Two Numbers

    • Perform any Operation

  • Inequalities:

    • Solve an Inequality

    • Plot an Inequality

  • Word Problems (Percents)

    • X is Y% of what number?

    • X is what percent of Y?

    • What percent of X is Y?

    • What is X% of Y?

    • What percentage difference is the number X from the number Y?


Home Screen


Simplifying Expressions


Factoring Polynomials


Solving Quadratic Equations


Complex Numbers




Solving Linear Equations


Radical Expressions




Word Problems


Linear Equation Solver


Entered Linear Equation to Solve


Solution Screen 1


Solution Screen 2


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